Sacred Sexuality: Return of the Divine Feminine

Garment of the Goddess

Activating your sacred sexuality empowers you to:

1. Heal and release sexual, psychological, emotional and physical traumas, 2. Experience alchemy firsthand with transformational modalities such as interdimensional dance, oracle sound baths, trance meditation, self-touch reiki, rhythmic affirmations and indigenous heka (life generating chants), 3. Cultivate sacred intimacy with nature's medicinal energetic signatures and kundalinic frequencies via interactions with fire, earth, air, water and ether, 4. Become a powerful magnet for healthy, harmonious and holistic relationships (as within so without), 5. Amplify your infinite and limitless capabilities to manifest astounding creations extracted from the magical portals of your ingenuity.

Sacred Offerings

Public Speaking: Reclaims Your True Identity

The Power of the Tongue

Activating your voice empowers you to:

1. Conquer the fear of public speaking forever, and walk confidently into any room, 2. Overcome stage fright, sweaty palms, stuttering, and all experiences that do not serve your true identiy and greatest aspirations, 3. Map the method for reciting and sharing your public speaking masterpiece with confidence, 4. Master techniques that challenge you to embrace, love and spotlight your sacred and unique voice: centerstage, 5. Self- Acceptance: Celebrate and honor the literary genius of your genetic heritage as an offspring of majestic oracles and storytellers, 6. Explore the infinite ways a masterful voice can create and command greatness as a magnetic and electrifying speaker!

Sacred Offerings

Alchemy is Art: A Rhythmic Immersive AKA Cipher


Activating your Artistic gifts empower you to:

1. Embody and wield the magic of your true identity as a living genius, one who is able to "flow aka freestyle" words, dance, thoughts, emotions and all creations...effortlessly...AKA "off the dome" 2. Illuminate the Crown Chakra in ALL as an energetic force field generating powerful vibrations that inspire elevation of our collective consciousness, 3. Channel and Set Ablaze your gifts all over the planet as a sound alchemist: singer, emcee, life coach, motivational speaker, holistic health and wellness provider 4. Formulate spiritual algorithims that amplify access to the divinity codes of mentalism, correspondence, polarity, rhythm, gender, vibration and cause and effect

Sacred Offerings